PRO with Indications that Jovanovski’s companies Evaded tax

The Public Revenue Office (PRO) has indications that the companies of Bojan Jovanovski, suspect in the Racketeering case, and ones close to him evaded around 330,000 euros in tax. The PRO has found BMJ Media Group, International Alliance and Tomato Production evaded tax. The institution has conducted control at 1TV, too. At International Alliance, which was headed by Jovanovski, it has been found that there was hiding of revenue and that the money paid to the Alliance for construction of nursing homes would be paid on personal accounts. On Monday, the PRO submitted the minutes to Jovanovski, but he refused to sign the document, explaining that he had filed an irrevocable resignation from the Alliance. BMJ Media Group, which owned 1TV, wouldn’t declare revenue and calculate VAT. PRO inspectors conducted control also at Tomato Production, too, which would receive 4,000 euros a month for its facility from Jovanovski in rent for the medium.  However, they haven’t found tax evasion in regards to the Tomato Production’s owners claims from the owner of the land, who was his wife, without submission of an invoice. According to the PRO, control is underway at another company linked to the aforementioned three entities.