Radev: New Agreement Between Sofia and Skopje Not Necessary at the Moment

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev said on Friday that Bulgaria should approve the start of EU membership negotiations for Macedonia after the objective historical facts are recognised by all and the process for elimination of hate speech in Macedonia becomes sustainable and irreversible. “The Bulgarian government throughout the year was making rather generous promises for support of North Macedonia’s integration in EU, and remembered to protect the Bulgarian national interests too late. I think that it would be an utter theatre if PMs Boyko Borissov and Zoran Zaev sign another agreement or an annex to the Good-neighbourliness Agreement without clear criteria and mechanisms. We would very much like for our Eastern neighbours to be integrated in the EU, and we need a peaceful and open dialogue so that we can see clearly the positions of both sides, and not make rushed decisions without thinking them all through first,” Radev said, adding that bilateral problems should be resolved, and not integrated in the EU.