Reactions to Greater Albania Flag in Tetovo and Renaming of Street in Cair

A flag depicting so-called Greater Albania was being waved at Friday’s event in Tetovo on the occasion of Kosovan PM Albin Kurti’s visit. The matter has sparked numerous reactions.

On Saturday, Tetovo Mayor Bilall Kasami distanced himself from the matter, saying he had organised a welcome marking the cooperation with Kosovo, adding that he had no information about a flag being hoisted. According to the Tetovo Internal Affairs Sector, work is underway to identify those responsible and fully solve the case.

Commenting on Kurti’s visit, VMRO-DPMNE criticised the renaming of Vtora Makedonska Brigada Street in Cair to Adem Demaci Street. According to SDSM, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski is the one that should give answers. There were reactions on Sunday, too.

PM Dimitar Kovacevski’s Cabinet condemned the fact that the national anthem was not played and the national flag was not hoisted. President Stevo Pendarovski said the iconography promoting greater-state chauvinist ideas attacked the fundamental principles and values of the Framework Agreement and the concept of North Macedonia as a multi-ethnic country. According to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, what happened during the visit of Kurti is a scandal of all scandals.