SEC deadlines for Insight into Voter list and Diaspora applications Expire

The State Election Commission’s (SEC) deadlines for insight into the voter list and applications by diaspora members have expired. 5,641 citizens conducted insight, while 16,805 checked whether they are part of the list through the SEC’s website. Regarding the diaspora, just 2,855 people applied. 100 applications were rejected. On Friday, the SEC voted through the Code of Conduct for Referendum Observers. They mustn’t help voters, make suggestions and interfere in the work of the boards carrying out the voting process. As regards the propaganda, VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Milososki told PS Talat Xhaferi that he would take part in public propaganda with a stand that the referendum should be boycotted. He asked for funds for the campaign. According to his fellow party members, Milososki’s stand is personal. Next week, at a coordination meeting with the parliamentary group, there will be discussions also whether they should get involved in the campaign. According to Xhaferi, a public campaign doesn’t mean that Parliament, as an authorised proposer, will give funds individually to every MP. Finance Minister Dragan Tevdovski said the amount of 80 million denars were from reserve functions of the state, adding that it wouldn’t cause a budget rebalance. Parliament is the authorised proposer, with the law saying that it has a right to use the funds. DUI’s parliamentary group said it had informed Xhaferi it would take part in the campaign.

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