Sekerinska: Prespa Agreement processes to conclude by March 2019

Vice-PM and Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska believes that the entire procedure with the adoption and implementation of the Prespa Agreement can be completed by March 2019. “I expect that the government will forward the draft-amendments for constitutional changes to the Parliament by the end of this week. If we failed to provide 2/3 majority in parliament and held early Parliamentary election, the entire process would have concluded as late as March 2019, but since the Prespa Agreement was approved by the Macedonian Parliament, I believe the process may as well conclude earlier,” Sekerinska said during the ceremony for inauguration of 125 professional soldiers in the Army of Macedonia. Commenting on the recent military parade in Thessaloniki, Sekerinska said that the chants of the soldiers against Macedonia are not in the spirit of friendship. “Forces that oppose the regional reconciliation and good neighbourly relations in the Balkans well still be challenge for all of us, and this is the real proof that the Prespa Agreement is the right way to solve the issues; through negotiations, through talks, not conflicts,” the Defence Minister underlined.