Silegov: Bigger Punishment to Follow for Bentley Driver

Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov says that the 45-euro fine for the Bentley driver that drove the car under the decorations at the square the centre of Skopje among people on Wednesday is just the initial punishment, adding that a bigger one will follow. “There are also elements of act of crime, which will be processed,” he points out. The Mayor is nonetheless satisfied with the immediate reaction. “The minimum is misdemeanour proceedings and issuing a 45-euro fine,” Silegov explained.  According to the Interior Minister, Oliver Spasovski the fine isn’t enough. There should be thinking about legal changes aiming at more drastic punishment, he explains. VMRO-DPMNE Spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski claims that the authorities are protecting the man. As he points out, the driver, Burim Maslan, aka Burim Haracina, has a police file. Among his problems with the law are jail time for attempted murder.