Slovenia prepares Law for Ratification of NATO Protocol for Macedonia

The Slovenian Government announced on Thursday that the text of the draft-law for ratification of the Protocol for Accession of Macedonia in NATO is finalised and that it has been submitted to the Parliament in Ljubljana. “The enlargement of NATO with countries from West Balkan is one of the main catalysts of the development of the region and it also secures its stability,” the Slovenian government announced. In meantime, the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko addressed congratulations to the Macedonian government. “Russia tried to obstruct Macedonia’s entry in NATO, but Macedonia overcame that by demonstrating unity. Macedonia is now on its way to become NATO’s 30th member-state,” Poroshenko said at the Ukrainian Parliament. Congratulations also came from Kosovo President Hashim Thaci, who wrote on Facebook that the signing of the Protocol for Accession of Macedonia in NATO is victory of western values and security for the progress of the countries from West Balkan. MEP Knut Fleckenstein also congratulated the Macedonian government over the NATO Protocol signing via Twitter, saying that the resolution of the long and complex dispute between Macedonia and Greece has finally open the doors of NATO for Macedonia.