Sources: Mitsotakis told Zaev he wouldn’t Have signed Prespa deal

“I personally wouldn’t have signed the Prespa Agreement. However, after the ratification, the Agreement is already part of international law and Greece has to respect it,” Greece’s PM, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, said at Tuesday’s meeting in New York with his counterpart from Macedonia, PM Zoran Zaev, sources from Greece’s Government have told media in their country. At the same time, Mitsotakis reiterated his position that, as opposition leader, he did everything to prevent the deal from being signed. At the meeting, he urged Zaev to ensure no tardiness related to the aspects of the deal, especially in terms of the trademarks issue. According to the same information, Zaev expressed the Macedonian Government’s willingness for there to be no tardiness, aspiring for swift implementation of all open issues associated with Macedonia’s road to EU integration. According to SYRIZA MP and former Greek FM George Katrougalos, despite the Greek Government’s announcements, tardiness is noticed when it comes of the work of the textbooks and trademarks Commissions. Katrougalos has sent an MP question over the matters to his successor, Nikos Dendias. The ex-Greek FM considers that the PM isn’t using, during the visit to the United States, the diplomatic capital acquired by the country from the Prespa deal to promote national interests.