State-Political Leadership Congratulates Ramadan Bajram

The holidays are a reminder that united, in solidarity with a pure thought and a pure heart, we can build a prosperous society and a better, calmer and more dignified life for all citizens,” said President Pendarovski in a congratulatory message to the head of the IRC and believers on the occasion of Ramadan Bajram. “Congratulations in the hope that the holiday will encourage mutual respect, a sense of solidarity and humanity,” said the President of Parliament, Talat Xhaferi. “These are difficult times for humanity, crises are one after another. Let the holiday unite us all in prayer, let it bring peace, harmony and prosperity to all,” Xhaferi said. “Ramadan Bajram is a holiday of renewal of spiritual strength that strengthens people’s faith in goodness, truth, justice and encourages the desire for mutual respect, understanding, solidarity,” said Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski in a video address congratulating the holiday.