Stoev: Official Sofia to Analyse Resolution of Macedonian Parliament

Bulgarian Acting Foreign Affairs Minister Svetlan Stoev said in an interview for Sofia-based medium “24 Chasa” that official Sofia is investing a lot of time and efforts to establish a pragmatic dialogue on all levels with Skopje. “For two months now, we are trying to take the entire process into a more positive direction. We want to focus more on a pragmatic approach, rather than emotional one, in order to somehow unblock the EU accession process for Skopje. However, we are facing new challenges, like the resolution adopted by the Macedonian Parliament on 29 July 2021, right in the moment when our dialogue seemed to be improving. Moves like that one not only decrease the chance for more pragmatic approach, but also narrow more the field of opportunities for reaching compromise between the two sides. This is why official Sofia will carefully analyse and examine the resolution adopted by the Macedonian Parliament in order to see if it goes in accordance with the Good-Neighbourliness Agreement from 2017. We want to see Skopje in EU, but we also do not want to import bilateral issues within the EU,” Stoev said. He also referred the, as he claimed, mistreatment of citizens of North Macedonia with developed Bulgarian self-conscience, adding that the violation of their human rights by official Skopje is unacceptable.