Stoltenberg: NATO ready to accept Macedonia as New Member

The Sec Gen of NATO Jens Stoltenberg stated before the start of the NATO Foreign ministers’ Meeting in Brussels that at the moment it is all up to Macedonia to complete all steps for integration in the alliance. “The Parliament of Macedonia managed to provide 2/3 majority for the first stage of the implementation of the Prespa Agreement. I cannot make speculations if the second and final stage of this process will be complete, but I can say that once the Macedonian Parliament and Government fulfil these obligations we shall immediately sign the Accession protocol,” Stoltenberg underlined. Asked about the recent situation with Hungary granting political asylum to former Macedonian PM Nikola Gruevski, Stoltenberg refused to comment on the matter. “This is an issue that should be resolved between Skopje and Budapest, and it is not up to NATO to make any interventions,” Stoltenberg said.