Strong Police Security for Marking of Anniversary of Delcev’s Birthday

The marking of the 151st anniversary of revolutionary Goce Delcev’s birthday on Saturday was marked by strong police security. Flowers were laid at the grave by, among others, a Governmental delegation, President Stevo Pendarovski, as well as by Bulgaria’s caretaker Interior Minister, Ivan Demerdzhiev. The Bulgarian politician described the police measures for the event as draconic. “Safety means everyone who wants to come to be able to freely arrive at Declcev’s grave,” he said. As Demerdzhiev added, there were Bulgarian citizens prevented from entering North Macedonia. “We didn’t come here to cause provocations. We came to show respect. We are neighbours, while the good-neighbourliness should continue,” he stated. There was a halt at the border between the two countries because North Macedonia system for border crossing control experienced technical problems, which resulted in a long line of vehicles. After the problem had been resolved, border police officers started to let vehicles through. But all of that was taking place slowly. According to North Macedonia’s Interior Ministry, three Bulgarian citizens were detained at the Deve Bair Border Crossing for violation of public order and peace.