Taravari: Initiative to Change Street Names in Gostivar Failed due to Badinter

Gostivar Mayor and Alliance for Albanians leader Arben Taravari would like to follow the example of Cair and rename streets in his Municipality.

However, the so-called Badinter principle (double majority) when it comes to voting within the Council prevents him from doing so. Taravari adds that there was in Gostivar, too, an initiative to change names of streets. The Gostivar Mayor adds all failed because they were not supported by Council members not representing non-majority communities.

“I welcome the renaming of a street in Cair after Adem Demaci. I wish for us to change names of streets in as many municipalities as possible. We launched this initiative in Gostivar, too, but we failed because of the Badinter principle. I wish and hope that we will be changing also the names of some streets in Gostivar as well,” Taravari, whose party is part of the ruling coalition, notes.