Three Arrested for False Threats on “TikTok” for Terrorist Attack in Skopje

Three people have been detained for posting two videos on the TikTok platform in which there are false threats of a possible terrorist attack on a shopping centre in Skopje, the Ministry of Interior announced. After the videos were published, several departments in the Ministry of Interior were involved in the action, such as the one for the fight against terrorism and the sector for cybercrime and digital forensics, as well as the National Security Agency (NSA). The three people, two of whom are father and son, were located, and the public prosecutor was instructed to search their homes. One of the persons is a 26-year-old boy from the village of Studenicani, while the father and the 22-year-old son are from Skopje. The devices through which they published the fake videos were found in the home of the father and the son, and the son, in a conversation with the police, admitted that he had made and published them. The Ministry of Interior announces that they will file criminal charges against the three detainees.