Uncertainty over Potential Leaders’ Meeting Continues

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski has set a series of conditions for a leaders’ meeting. On his official Facebook page, he said on Tuesday that VMRO-DPMNE had frozen its relations with President Stevo Pendarovski after the granting of the mandate to Zoran Zaev. He described that as one of the reasons why the opposition will not attend a leaders’ meeting organised by the President. According to him, the meeting should focus on, as he wrote, the dispute with Bulgaria because the public and opposition mustn’t be fully excluded from the process, the bad coronavirus situation, the need for a caretaker cabinet, and the extremely bad economic situation. PM Zaev reacted negatively to the stand. Though he had announced the previous day an organisation of a meeting, he said there was currently no reason for one to be held.