US Ambassador Aggeler on Kamcev Designation, Blacklist Issue

US Ambassador Angela Aggeler held a press-conference yesterday at which she discussed the designation of Jordan “Orce” Kamcev. “Yesterday, the United States Department of Treasury designated Jordan “Orce” Kamcev under Executive Order 14033 for corrupt acts and criminal offences. I hope recent actions from Washington have made it very clear that the United States can and will continue to use any and all tools at our disposal to hold accountable those individuals and organisations whose criminal activities undermine the security, stability, and governance values of North Macedonia, regardless of their position, political affiliation or timing of those abuses.

The United States, by law, takes a whole-of-government approach to accountability, regardless of whether the designation comes from the State Department, the Treasury, Commerce or other branches of our government. The abuse of law, of office, money laundering, bribery, and other offences that Mr Kamcev participated in not only eroded public confidence in North Macedonia’s justice sector, but also represented a significant betrayal of the people of this country,” she said.

Asked a question about Ramiz Merko still being the Mayor of Struga, she said: “We’re not going to come to North Macedonia and arrest anybody or start a legal case against them, but it is interesting to see which follow-up actions might take place.”