US Deputy Secretary of State Sullivan visits Macedonia

The US Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan paid an official visit to Macedonia on Tuesday. Sullivan was welcomed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Dimitrov, who introduced him to the ongoing reformation processes in Macedonia for the country’s accession in NATO and the EU. Sullivan welcomed Macedonia’s efforts for establishing friendly relations with all neighbouring countries, reaffirming the support the US provides to Macedonia for integration in NATO and EU. Later in the day, Sullivan also held meetings with PM Zoran Zaev. “Every single meeting with state officials from the US motivate us to take a more active approach in securing the peace in the Balkan region. I told Sullivan that here in Macedonia we are creating the necessary conditions for implementation of the Prespa Agreement, and that we managed to reduce the risks over the stability of our country and the rest of the region,” Zaev said at a mutual press conference with the US Deputy Secretary of State. Sullivan said that he is proud to come to Macedonia and voice support to all reformation processes and the Prespa Agreement in the name of the US, adding that they also support the Macedonian government to oppose the negative influences of Russia in the Balkans. “We saw that Russia meddles in the internal affairs in several different countries. They now oppose the Prespa Agreement and the fact that Macedonia is to become the 30th NATO member and use all means available to prevent this from happening,” Sullivan said.