VMRO-DPMNE Preparing new Statute

Each VMRO-DPMNE candidate for the post of MP, mayor or council will need to deposit their resignation before taking office. It will be activated if they leave to another party or decide to act independently. This is one of the potential solutions to ensure party loyalty, envisaged by the party’s new Statute, about which the municipal committees have the most remarks. Party sources explain that decisions on disciplinary measures will be made by a Party Court of Honour. There will also be a Patriotic Institute, which, together with the Council of Intellectuals, will affirm VMRO-DPMNE’s ideas and goals. The biggest support has been given to the proposal for each party official, including the leader, to have a maximum of two four-year mandates, even though they will be able to have a third one if they get a two-thirds support. The party is thinking about introducing a new position, Central Committee Chairperson.

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