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Sekerinska Announces Finalisation of NATO Membership Protocol in February

The Government is in the final stage of the NATO integration process. The accession negotiations are over, while the remarks from them have been incorporated into the reform programme that should soon be adopted by the Government. The programme envisages reforms in the rule of law and fight against corruption fields. It also takes into consideration the military reforms adjusted ...

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Lungescu: Country has Historic Chance to Join NATO

NATO Spokesperson Oana Lungescu told MIA after the start of Macedonia’s Alliance accession talks on Thursday that the country now has the historic opportunity to become a part of the Euro-Atlantic family, provided it implements the Prespa Agreement. “The country made an important step today by starting the two-day accession talks at the NATO Headquarters. The negotiations cover security, defense, ...

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Russian MoFA Reacts to NATO Invitation for Macedonia

NATO’s objective to expand across Europe mechanically cannot reinforce security and the sucking into NATO by force of Macedonia only confirms that the policy of ‘open doors’ has become an aim in itself, said a spokeswoman of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “In practice, the Alliance is restoring the atmosphere of the Cold War era, in which it may ...

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