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Government Forwards Text for Amending Constitution to Parliament

At Monday’s extraordinary session the government reviewed the proposal for amending the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia and defined the text. It was afterward forwarded to the Parliament as confirmed by PS Talat Xhaferi. As Government spokesperson Mile Bosnjakovski informs the government proposes adding the adjective North in the name of Republic of Macedonia before the word Macedonia. It ...

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Nikoloski: We will Reach Better Agreement if this Agreement Fails

VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski in an interview with Radio Free Europe says the order of priorities for Macedonia’s admission to NATO and EU are reforms and afterward solving of the name spat. Nikoloski assesses that much better deal can be struck with Greece as compared to the current one. “I am absolutely convinced that a better deal can be ...

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Derkoski: SEC to Work in Line with Laws

New State Election Commission (SEC) president Oliver Derkoski has told MIA that the Commission will first be constituted and afterwards implement the name referendum. “The first step will be SEC’s constitutive session, followed by the implementation of a referendum. I hope we will be successful in responding to the tasks at hand, in compliance with the laws and the Constitution,” ...

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