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Four Draft Amendments Pass Filters at both Committees

The four draft amendments in the constitutional changes procedure passed the filters at both the Constitutional Issues and Legislative Committees. The debate at both bodies was simultaneous and lasted five days instead of the envisaged 12. Now, the draft amendments need to be determined at a plenary session, which will require a simple majority of 61 votes. The draft amendments ...

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Constitutional Issues Committee adopts 2nd, 3rd and 4th draft Amendment

On Friday, the Parliament’s Constitutional Issues Committee adopted the text of the second draft amendment, according to which ASNOM’s decisions in the Constitution will be replaced with the Proclamation. The Ohrid Framework Agreement, too, is becoming part of the Constitution. At the session, VMRO-DPMNE’s MPs criticised the text, whereas SDSM considers that there is nothing problem with the inclusion of ...

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Constitutional Committee Starts Debate on Draft Amendments

The Parliament’s Committee on Constitutional Issues started on Wednesday the debate on the four draft amendments to the Constitution that will last a maximum of 12 days. PM Zoran Zaev presented the four draft amendments and said they were the price that Macedonia should pay for the Euro-integration process. According to him, the fact that they will apply once Greece ...

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