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Constitutional Amendments to be Discussed on Monday

Members of the Parliament’s Committee on Constitutional Issues adopted Friday the government’s motion for constitutional revision stemming from the Prespa Agreement by 10 votes ‘for’ and seven ‘against’. The Committee also tasked the government to draft and submit the constitutional amendments to the Parliament in 15 days. A two-third majority is necessary for the Parliament to launch the legal procedure ...

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Debate on NATO Integration

On 30 September do not let anyone else decide on your future. You have grown in a digital global world and are without doubt the most cosmopolitan generation to have lived in this country. His was stated by NATO National Coordinator Stevo Pendarovski before participants at the school for acquainting the youth with issues related to security, defence and NATO ...

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Committee on European Affairs Concludes Debate on Need for Amending Code

The amendments to the Electoral Code were adopted at the Committee for European Affairs without reviewing single amendments of the total 400 amendments filed by opposition VMRO-DPMNE. Committee Chair Artan Grubi said the debate had to be ended within two days. Next the amendments are either to be voted at a plenary session or an agreement is to be reached ...

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