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Constitutional Issues Committee adopts first Draft amendment

On Thursday, the Constitutional Committee Issues adopted the first draft amendment for a change of the Constitution, with 10 votes in favour and five against. The draft amendment proposes a replacement of “the Republic of Macedonia” with the new name everywhere in the Constitution except in Article 36, where there is a historical aspect. The debate on the second draft ...

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Initial Referendum Results

The State Election Commission informs that out of 3,464 processed polling stations of total 3,513 i.e. 86.42 % of referendum votes, total 661,393 people i.e. 36.87 % voted at the referendum out of all registered voters in Macedonia. Of them 605,016 voted in favour and 37,312 people voted against accepting the name agreement with Greece for the country’s joining the ...

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Kotzias – Mass Discuss Prespa Agreement

The Greek Parliament has a majority to ratify the Prespa Agreement, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias said Thursday after a meeting with his German counterpart Heiko Maas. FM Maas visited Macedonia earlier this week as part of his regional tour, where he held talks with top state officials. Maas and Kotzias discussed the Prespa Agreement calling it ‘historic’ and ‘a ...

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