Angelce Nikolov Case: Judicial Council to Consider Difference in Sentences

The reactions to the decision of the Court of Appeals to reduce the prison sentence of Angelce Nikolov from 18 to 8 years have continued.

Nikolov was the one behind the wheel in the case concerning the traffic accident in which Magdalena Ivanova was killed last year. The Judicial Council, after the annual leaves, will consider the case. The reason is the big difference, 10 years, between the sentences of the Basic Court and the Court of Appeals.

The Council appeals to the Supreme Court to ensure equal application of laws by courts by unifying court practice. The Council requested in writing for the penal policy to be re-examined previously too. So far, a lot of experts, as well as VMRO- DPMNE, have criticised the developments in relation to the sentence.

According to the opposition party, it’s such developments why trust in the judiciary is at a low level.