Bogoev: Seized Bonds weren’t Registered to Foreign Citizen’s Name

The seized bonds worth 92 million euros weren’t registered to the foreign citizen that tried, on 28 July, to take them abroad via North Macedonia, Customs Administration Director Stefan Bogoev says in an interview with TV2.

It is the duty of the Administration to check in detail whether it’s about attempted frond, attempted money laundering or funding of illegal activities, he adds. “Imagine what the reaction would be if some passenger travels this way and then something that shouldn’t happen happens in Germany, France, Italy, Spain,” he stresses.

In the case, there were 184 bonds, each worth 500,000 dollars. It was additionally suspicious that the person was giving confusing statements and was not consistent when answering questions by Administration employees and Control and Investigation Sector inspectors.

The Administration, Bogoev noted, will continue to inform the public about what citizens have to declare at border-crossings.