Caretaker Cabinet: Xhaferi Resigns as Speaker, Maricic to Serve as 1 st Deputy PM

On Thursday, Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi, like Dimitar Kovacevski before him, submitted his resignation in the frames of the activities for the formation of the caretaker cabinet.

“Our obligation is to organise fair and democratic elections,” he said.

In the frames of the cabinet, First Deputy PM Artan Grubi will serve as Deputy PM and Minister of Political System, while the position of First Deputy PM will be held by the current Deputy PM for European Affairs, Bojan Maricic.

“That is logical because that is the concept – for the First Deputy PM to be from the coalition partner,” Grubi stated.

Commenting on Kovacevski’s resignation as PM, VMRO-DPMNE Spokesperson Marija Janeva stated that it was “the beginning of the end” for SDSM and DUI.

On the other hand, in an interview with Kanal 5, Kovacevski stated that his coalition would win the parliamentary elections. “SDSM is a progressive party and it has shown it is a factor of stability in the country,” he added.