Citizens with Old Passports Able to Enter Croatia and Austria by Car

On Monday, caretaker Interior Minister Pance Toskovski met with the Ambassadors of Croatia and Austria, Nives Tiganj and Martin Pammer, respectively.

As Toskovski said on social media, both Ambassadors stated that their respective countries had an understanding regarding the issue of personal documents. In that regard, the Minister stated that holders of travel documents containing the previous constitutional name whose validity hadn’t expired were able to freely exercise the right to free movement in Croatia and Austria.

Toskovski expressed huge gratitude for the decision. Later that day, the Interior Ministry presented new details for Telma, saying people with old IDs could enter Serbia (by car) and continue towards Croatia where they would enter with an old passport.

“The same goes for Austria. They cannot travel from Skopje to Zagreb or to Vienna by plane. Those who will enter Serbia with an old ID are able to continue the travel with an old passport towards Croatia, via Slovenia, Austria, and other countries. However, if, for example, one leaves Germany with an old passport, they cannot return with it,” the Ministry stated.