Congratulatory Messages on Occasion of Revolutionary Struggle Day

On the occasion of Revolutionary Struggle Day, President Stevo Pendarovski called on Monday for divisions to be overcome and for the fight against corruption, nepotism, and crime to continue.

“Just like the fight of the generation of revolutionaries was for a free and just country, our fight today has to be against corruption, nepotism, and crime, which breed distrust, social injustice, and mass emigration of youth,” he said.

According to Pendarovski, there must be unification over, as he added, the final goal, that is, a democratic and functional legal state with equal opportunities for a dignified life and progress of all citizens. In his message, PM Dimitar Kovacevski said the ideal for independence was now a motive to make North Macedonia a European and progressive country.

He called for united, accelerated, and brave steps on the European path, as well as for “providing of a progressive future of our children”.

Parliament Speaker Talt Xhaferi, too, urged unification as citizens of a progressive country.