Constitutional Changes: Divided Stands Remain

In an interview with MTV2 TV, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani calls on VMRO-DPMNE to vote in favour of the constitutional changes, which will then be followed by early elections.

Though he considers VMRO-DPMNE’s demand for DUI ministers to leave the Government to be chauvinistic, Osmani claims DUI is ready itself to become part of the opposition if VMRO-DPMNE supports the constitutional changes process. However, VMRO-DPMNE has reiterates its stand that Skopje’s silence about Sofia’s “Bulgarisation” of the Ilinden Uprising indicates that there is open negation of the Macedonian history, while the constitutional changes will not be Bulgaria’s last condition on Skopje’s EU path. On the other hand, Osmani explains that the negotiating framework with the EU is divided into two parts – a general part and a special part – the latter of which contains the chapters.

He adds that the link with the Treaty with Sofia is in the general part, where EU members don’t vote or approve.