Darko Kostadinovski Elected Constitutional Court President

Somewhat surprisingly, Darko Kostadinovski has become the new Constitutional Court President.

On Tuesday, he received the required six votes. In the previous rounds, Tatjana Vasic-Bozadzieva, Osman Kadriu, and Ana Pavlovska Daneva had failed to get that many votes, while Pavlovska Daneva had left the race too.

Kostadinovski was elected Judge in 2018, after he’d been nominated by then-President Gjorge Ivanov. Previously, in 2001, he had joined then-President Boris Trajkovski’s Cabinet 2001.

In 2006, he headed the EU and NATO Department in the frames of then-President Branko Crvenkovski. After that, he was part of Ivanov’s Cabinet as well.