EU Ambassador Geer Sees no Possibility of Negotiating Framework Change

On Monday, EU Ambassador David Geer said he didn’t see a possibility of a change to the Negotiating Framework.

“I have always been very clear on this. This agreement which was reached in July 2022 resulted in the opening of accession negotiations and the screening process which I just referred to. I don’t see the possibility for a change to the Negotiating Framework and that position is unchanged following the elections,” he stated.

The EU Ambassador made those comments after a meeting with EU Affairs Minister Orhan Murtezani, who said there would be constitutional changes. However, he added the topic would first be discussed.

“The constitutional changes will certainly happen. However, we have seen in the past that it needs to be an inclusive, broader process, for there to be broad national consensus,” he said.

Asked whether there would be talks with the PM Mickoski, Murtezani said there certainly would.