Mexhiti: Delegations Led by PM and Gashi with Separate Agendas in Washington

Two delegations, led by PM Hristijan Mickoski and Parliament Speaker Afrim Gashi respectively, are in Washington for the NATO Summit because both have separate agendas regarding the event, 1st Deputy PM and Environment Minister Izet Mexhiti said on Monday.

Asked about DUI’s stand that the Mickoski-led delegation is monoethnic, he said DUI took issue with everything.

“When it comes to the fact that the PM and Speaker, both of whom are key political figures who are representing North Macedonia at the NATO marking, have gone there, nobody surely expects them to go there holding hands. So, they have their respective agendas. I think they will this evening have a joint event and joint dinner there. According to the agenda, one left sooner, the other left later because they had had respective activities here too,” he stated.