New Government to Be Formed 19 or 20 June, Says VLEN’s Mexhiti

VLEN co-leader Izet Mexhiti stated on Monday that the new government would be formed on 19 or 20 June.

For Alsat, he stated that, in all likelihood, he would serve as the environment minister and 1st deputy PM, while fellow VLEN co-leader and Gostivar Mayor Arben Taravari would once again head the Health Ministry.

As Mexhiti also pointed out, another VLEN co-leader, Bilall Kasami, will continue to serve as Tetovo Mayor.

“VLEN will have two deputy PMs from the ethnic Albanian community within the new government,” Mexhiti stressed.

Arben Fetai of the Alliance for Albanians wing headed by Taravari is a serious candidate for deputy PM for good governance. When it comes to the position of deputy PM for EU affairs, Alternative should make a decision in the coming days, while BESA, Mexhiti stated, should decide on the ministerial positions in the sectors of economy and social policy.