New Reactions to Dismissals of Mexhiti and Aliu

On Saturday, despite the dismissal of Azir Aliu, SDSM leader and ex-PM Dimitar Kovacevski praised the ex-Minister of Information Society and Administration.

“We had excellent cooperation with Azir Aliu,” the ex-PM said, describing him as a top professional. As he added, his scientific works on Google Scholar confirm Aliu’s quality.

Regarding Fatmir Mexhiti, however, Kovacevski said he had functioned “as a subcontractor” of Alliance for Albanians leader Arnen Taravari.

“However, he surely has his own advantages both as a doctor and manager at the Health Ministry,” he stated.

Kovacevski nonetheless criticised Mexhiti’s dismissal of Milena Stevanovic as Infectious Diseases Clinic due to the English language certificate issue.

“However, she studied at Cambridge,” the ex-PM Noted.

Aliu and Mexhiti, on social media, accused Deputy PM Artan Grubi of threatening them. As they added, after the changes, those responsible will go to prison.

“Stop the threats. Rest for several days, if that helps you, and don’t add fuel to the situation. We know it’s your end, but at least show you’re a man at the end,” they pointed out on social media. On Sunday, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said that his party, unlike SDSM and DUI, was not interfering in the internal matters of other parties.