North Macedonia Delegation Starts Meetings in Washington

In the frames of his visit to the United States, North Macedonia’s delegation consisting of PM Hristijan Mickoski, Defence Minister Vlado Misajlovski, Foreign Minister Timco Mucunski, and Interior Minister Pance Toskovski met with United Macedonian Diaspora representatives.

“Before the start of the NATO Summit, I paid attention to the positions of and matters concerning our diaspora. I had a great meeting with Meto Koloski and the United Macedonian Diaspora, with whom we talked about support and lobbying for the Macedonian interests,” Mickoski said on social media on Monday.

Mickoski also met Richard Grennel, former Acting Director of National Intelligence in then-US President Donald Trump’s Cabinet in 2020.

“A fruitful and friendly dinner with Richard Grennel, a US diplomat, former director of the American intelligence service, and a good expert in the state of affairs in the Balkans. The economy, energy, and the rule of law, topics on deepening cooperation,” the PM said on social media.