Oncology Clinic Employees, Including Ex-Director Vasev, Arrested

Former Oncology Clinic Director Nino Vasev, a nurse, and a caretaker were arrested on Tuesday morning at the Clinic, employees told Telma that day.

Police were also trying to find Vasev’s secretary, but she wasn’t at work. According to Telma information, the Clinic’s former Economic Director, Nehat Nuhi, too, is a suspect. The Prosecutor’s Office said that four people suspected of crimes had been held.

Another person was summoned for a conversation. There were searches at three locations. Activities over the case are continuing, the Office said.

In September of last year, police conducted searches on the Clinic’s premises and in private flats. Then, computers and other documentation were seized. According to Telma information, during the pre-investigative procedures, three people fled abroad.