Parliamentary Elections Campaign: Coalitions and Parties Start Activities

On Thursday, the participants in the parliamentary elections officially started their activities in the frames of the campaign.

The SDSM-led coalition started its activities at an event in Skopje, where party leader Dimitar Kovacevski once again said he was confident the coalition would win the elections.

Also, the SDSM leader stressed that there would be a decisive and more efficient fight against crime and corruption, higher salaries and pension, as well as help for youth and farmers.

VMRO-DPMNE started its campaign in Ohrid. During the visit to the city, party leader Hristijan Mickoski stated that the ambition of the new government that would be led by his party would be for there to be simultaneous work on 500 items at 500 locations throughout the country.

“We will be the government in all places, not only in municipalities led by mayors from our party,” he stressed.

VLEN reiterated its commitment to closing casinos and businesses offering fast loans, while Levica underlined the need for economic transformation and nationalisation of all resources key to the country. Activities were also organised by other participants in the parliamentary elections.