PM Mickoski Comments on US Ambassador’s Comments on Renegotiation Issue

On Monday, PM Hristijan Mickoski commented on US Ambassador Angela Aggeler’s comments in Sunday’s interview with RFE Macedonian that it was “very clear” that “there’s not a renegotiation of Prespa, there’s not a renegotiation of movement towards the European Union”.

He said the Good-Neighbourliness Treaty with Sofia had already been changed once, with the introduction of the French proposal, adding that he therefore saw no reason why “some other additional French proposal or some other proposal that will cover the demands of the Macedonian people and Macedonians in Bulgaria have can’t be added.”

According to the PM, not only are the rights of Bulgarians in North Macedonia not limited, but also rights of ethnic Macedonians in Bulgaria have been violated, which is proven in 14th verdicts of the European Court of Human Rights.