PM Mickoski Responds to Ambassadors’ Comments on Judiciary

Regarding the comments by US Ambassador Angela Aggeler, EU Ambassador David Geer, and Dutch Ambassador Dirk Jan Kop, made at the Judicial Council Conference on Wednesday, PM Hristijan Mickoski said on Thursday he was ready to discuss with both experts and ambassadors regarding the announced reform related to the Judicial Council and Council of Public Prosecutors.

“I am ready for us to sit down, discuss, work even a whole day until we find a solution to make things better,” he said.

As the PM added, the situation so far hasn’t been good.

“It’s somehow become practice for ambassadors to interfere in internal affairs in the country. OK, even if that is so, 600,000 citizens voted for this coalition. Obviously, to them, that doesn’t mean anything regarding this government’s policy. At the same time, they’re saying that the rule of law situation is disastrous, saying, in their reports, that crime and corruption are flourishing, trust in the Judicial Council and Council of Public Prosecutors among citizens is at a level of 2-3%,” the PM noted.

Mickoski is ready to talk to ambassadors, stressing that if there was a solution that was better, he would immediately accept and implement it.