PM: Project Such as Tetovo-Prizren Road can Be only Carried out by Government

Commenting on the meeting between DUI leader Ali Ahmeti and Kosovan Infrastructure Minister Liburn Aliu, PM Dimitar Kovacevski said on Thursday everyone could talk about building a road.

“However, a project such as connecting Tetovo and Prizren can be carried out only by the Government,” he noted. According to Kovacevski, Transport and Communications Minister Blagoj Bocvarski was not in Skopje to meet the Kosovan Minister.

Bocvarski said Aliu’s visit to DUI’s seat had been private. “Even though I was not able to meet Aliu due to meetings agreed previously, we have regular meetings and communication,” he stated. Regarding the developments during Kosovan PM Albin Kurti’s visit, the PM said that the era of archaic concepts and national romanticism for greater states was over. In his view, Kurti, too, was exploited for party purposes.

Asked about the issue of salaries, the PM said the law that would regulate the pay of officials and named persons was being prepared.