Police Take Action in Relation to 6 March Old Bazaar Murder

Police officers on Tuesday searched a home and detained 31-year-old G.M. from Skopje, wanted on a warrant issued by the relevant Prosecutor’s Office in relation to the 6 March murder at the Album Shisha bar in Skopje’s Old Bazaar.

He’s been held in a police station, the Interior Ministry said. Against him, to the Skopje Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office. A criminal charge has been filed in a quick procedure for assistance in the murder. The Prosecutor’s Office confirmed an order had been issued for investigative proceedings against a person suspected of assisting in a murder.

As it pointed out, the 31- year-old, on 18 February, in Kosovo, assisted, in a premeditated manner, in the commission of the crime by participating in the purchase of a car that was used on 6 March to commit the murder at the bar. A prosecutor has submitted a detention measure proposal.