Security Council Holds 19th Session

The 19th session of the Security Council, held on Wednesday, saw a discussion on the security situation in the country and the Euro-Atlantic region, President Stevo Pendarovski’s Cabinet said.

Intelligence Agency Director Erold Musliu and National Security Agency Zarko Milosevski were part of the session as well. Relevant representatives of intuitions informed about current security issues related to the country and the wider region, including the Russian aggression against Ukraine, events in the Middle East, and the situation in Kosovo’s north.

Regarding the North Macedonia security situation, it is stable and there aren’t indications pointing to potential endangerment of its, it was assessed. As a NATO member, it has regular coordination with the Alliance and allies with regards to activities taken to strengthen security in the Euro-Atlantic area, the President’s Cabinet added.

The need for relevant institutions to continue to follow the situation and prepare potential scenarios according to the developments in order for them to timely take measures and activities under their competence was concluded.