Supreme Court Responds to Judicial Council

The Supreme Court has proposed changes to the Criminal Code and a more systemic approach when it comes to action and decision-making in criminal cases related to traffic accidents.

That was part also of the conclusions of the Court’s Department, over which the Judicial Council was notified as early as 2021 and 2022. That’s the Court’s response after the institution was called out by the Council on Wednesday about the Court needing to provide equal implementation of laws by unifying court practice, especially concerning grave crimes against human and property safety in traffic.

According to the Court, it carries out unification of court practice only in a procedure provided for in the law. The possibility to unify the practice regarding the matter is limited at the current stage of action before the Court considering every case has its own specific characteristics and no case can be put into correlation with another one.

That is a conclusion by a Court department sent to the Council on 9 May 2022.