Taravari Convenes Meeting of Alliance for Albanians Central Thursday

Following the dismissals of two heads of institutions, Post and Foreign Investments Agency, who have supported him, Arben Taravari is trying to overtake Ziadin Sela, who has already scheduled a meeting of the Central Assembly for Saturday, that is, the Alliance for Albanians leader has convened a meeting of the Central Presidency for Thursday in Kumanovo, inviting all members of the Assembly whose support he is seeking.

He is convinced that 70% of members who have already signed to express support for him will come. Justice Minister Krenar Lloga, who’s close to Sela, has shared a notification that Taravari didn’t convene any Assembly session, but rather it’s about a common meeting.

The Government is expected to ask Parliament to dismiss Information Society and Administration Azir Aliu and Health Minister Fatmir Mexhiti, who have publicly said they will not resign, Telma reported on Wednesday.

The structure of Sela, the former leader of the party who now heads the Central Assembly, within Alliance for Albanians said on Wednesday that the Administrative Council, with five of seven votes, had decided to nominate Ilir Demiri as Health Minister and Naim Bajrami, as Aliu’s successor.