Taravari not in Favour of Two Election Cycles in 3-4-month Span

Unlike the stand of his coalition partners, SDSM and DUI, that the elections should be held in the regular period, that is, July 2024, Alliance for Albanians leader Arben Taravari considers that it would be irrational for there to be two election cycles in a span of 3-4 months.

“It’s important for the constitutional changes to be adopted. We’re still optimistic in terms of there being a chance of them happening. If not, we will see what to do next. The party’s bodies will decide depending on how things will be taking place. I think it’s not good to hold elections in November or December because the regular presidential elections will be in March or April. But I also think regular elections aren’t supposed to be held in July because the presidential election process is three months before that. Having two election cycles in a span of three months is irrational. However, this is just my stand,” he notes.