US Ambassador Aggeler on Russian Hybrid Threats on Eve of Elections Issue

In an interview with Kanal 5 on Thursday, US Ambassador Angela Aggeler was asked how North Macedonia could protect itself against Russia’s hybrid threats on the eve of elections.

“We’ve seen their attempts, right, in the United States, to have an effect on our previous elections. And so, they are very active here and they are looking for every opportunity to spread chaos. And the most important thing in my mind is that the people of this country recognise that, educate themselves, and make sure that they are asking the hard questions, not of their politicians, of the candidates, but also understanding that they can look to journalists and they can look to people like you to help them recognise the truth from fraudulent information and then make their decisions based on the realities and what is out there and what is credible,” she said.

In the interview, the Ambassador also talked about the Russian invasion and North Macedonia’s support for Ukraine.