VLEN’s Mexhiti Says He Legalised Osmani’s Illegal House during Mayoral Term

Democratic Movement leader, former Cair Mayor, and ex-DUI Vice President Izet Mexhiti said in Monday’s interview with TV21 that, in the capacity of Mayor, he’d legalised the house of DUI’s presidential candidate, Bujar Osmani, which had been an illegal structure.

“I am telling you for the first time this evening that Osmani had built his house unlawfully, while I, in the capacity of Mayor, legalised it,” Mexhiti stated.

The former Cair Mayor added that he had done the same for many other Cair residents.

“Instead of paying communal fees worth 110 euros per square metre, Osmani paid one euro, which means he himself unlawfully built a house,” Mexhiti pointed out.