FM Dimitrov Addresses Vienna Informal FMs Meeting

The only sustainable vision of a stable Balkans is the European one. We all work on democratic and rule of law reforms in order to share a borderless European future. Time for us in the region and the member states to step it up, Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov tweeted after the informal meeting of foreign ministers of EU members and candidate countries in Vienna. At the meeting, the Macedonian Minister said that the Balkan region oftentimes is considered ‘a periphery of Europe’, although the region is surrounded by member states. Therefore, he said, almost all open issues have been settled in the region with the latest example being the settlement of the name row between Macedonia and Greece. “Acceleration and revitalization of the enlargement process has a point. It’s better and cheaper for Europe to invest and to make a European region out of our region with our help than to ignore it, which will be more expensive in the end,” Dimitrov said.

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