Government receives Guidelines from NATO for Fulfilment within 18 Months

Judicial reforms, implementation of the internal procedures of the name deal, provision of greater accountability and appropriate supervision over intelligence and security services, check-up of the internal procedures for sending armed forces abroad. Those are part of the guidelines NATO has sent to the government, which should be fulfilled within 18 months. In addition to the political matters, the document sent by Sec Gen Jens Stoltenberg highlights numerous conditions related to both the Army and the defence sector. One NATO condition is that the sector should start implementing the plans to restructure and modernise the armed forces in order to achieve the planned military capacities and develop available and sustainable forces capable of contributing to the Alliance’s mission. What’s also asked is for the level of expenditures for the defence sector to be maintained that is enough to support armed forces restructuring and modernisation, which will enable effective contribution towards the Alliance.

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