Government Spokesperson Comments on Vaccine-Related Topics

According to the Government, the country isn’t waiting only for donations, that is, all instruments are being used. Spokesperson Dusko Arsovski said at a press-conference on Wednesday that all procedures had started on time. The 833,000 vaccines for around 400,000 citizens should arrive in the first months of 2021. In addition to the COVAX mechanism, Arsovski pointed out, negotiations are underway also for direct procurement from manufacturers. Furthermore, a third mechanism is provided for through the EU, which should see procurement of 200 million vaccines for members and an additional 100 million doses for non-EU countries in Europe. Doctors, medical personnel, kindergarten employees, people with chronic diseases, and persons over 65 will be the first that will receive the vaccine. Arsovski said politicians, too, would be among the first that would receive it in order to set a positive example before citizens. For now, it’s known that part of the vaccines will come from Bulgaria, Greece, and Poland, but it still hasn’t been specified how many and when they will arrive.